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These are simple steps on how Rising Coin works.


Register on Rising Coin

Create your account, complete the necessary steps, and join our community of miners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Mine Free RSC Every 6 Hours

As a Rising Coin user, you have the opportunity to mine RSC at no cost every 6 hours. Simply engage in the mining process.


Withdrawal Your Coin

Once you've reached the withdrawal limit, add your RSC wallet address and request for withdrawal.


Exchange RSC, Swap with BNB, or Trade

The versatility of Rising Coin extends beyond mining. You can exchange your RSC on any of the listed exchanges.


Use RSC for Purchases

Embrace the future of digital payments. Rising Coin can also be used to purchase products and services from merchants.


Refer to get New Coin

Boost your earnings on RisingCoin by referring others to join our community. Each time your referrals mine, your rewards grow


About Rising Coin

Welcome to Rising Coin, your portal to community-centric cryptocurrency. We champion decentralized finance and the community-driven spirit. Rising Coin is more than a digital asset; it's a symbol of collaboration and empowerment. With our vision of free, stable mining, we offer a platform for active community involvement in mining and exchanging our unique token.

Exchange Opportunities

Your mined Rising Coins can be easily exchanged within our community, fostering a dynamic ecosystem where users can interact and transact seamlessly.

Free Mining

We believe in democratizing access to cryptocurrency. Rising Coin can be mined freely by anyone, ensuring that the benefits of participating in the network are accessible to all.

Community-Centric Approach

Rising Coin is built by the community, for the community. We prioritize inclusivity and actively seek input from our users to shape the future of our token.

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Ready To Start Your Mining

Just create an account on our site and start your first mining.


Here you can find our top frequently asked questions. Please let us know if you have any queries regarding our mining platform and FAQs. Disclaimer: Rising coin is a work in progress. The following FAQs will continue to be updated as the Rising Coin platform evolves. The exact structures and technologies to be included at genesis are not finalized and are liable to change or modify with continued research. For more questions or help please send us a mail on your dashboard or contact support on either support@risingcoin.io or info@risingcoin.io.

How can I use RisingCoin?

RisingCoin has several use cases, including using it for trading on Dex classified marketplaces, Dex Newsified, Dex social, Dex Live platform, and as a means of payment. You can also stake your coins to earn rewards and use it for value storage.

What is the Road Map for RisingCoin?

The Road Map for RisingCoin includes several milestones such as Coin Development, Coin Mining Phase, Deployment on Dex Blockchain (BSC), Holding Coin on a Dex Wallet, Coin Listing, and Trading on Dex/Cex Exchanges. The ultimate goal is to build the RisingCoin Blockchain and create a variety of use cases for the coin.

How can I acquire RisingCoin?

RisingCoin can be acquired through mining, airdrops, peer-to-peer exchanges, and listed exchanges. Once you have acquired RisingCoin, it is essential to store it in a secure wallet that you trust.

What is the maximum supply of RisingCoin?

The maximum supply of RisingCoin is 1 billion units, and no new coins will be created after this limit is reached. At the halfway point, a halving event will occur, reducing the block rewards and slowing down the coin's issuance.

Is RisingCoin secure?

RisingCoin offers robust security features, including account verification and two-factor authentication, to protect user accounts from unauthorized access. Additionally, the coin is designed to prevent price depreciation, making it a stable investment option.

Is Rising Coin a coin or a token?

Rising Coin is currently considered a token because it was initially built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. However, as per the Rising Coin roadmap, the development of the Rising Coin blockchain is underway, which means that it will eventually become a coin. Tokens and coins are often used interchangeably, but technically, there is a difference between the two. Coins are standalone digital currencies with their own blockchain, while tokens are built on top of an existing blockchain, such as Ethereum, BSC, or others. In the case of Rising Coin, it is currently a token on the BSC blockchain, but as soon as the development of the Rising Coin blockchain is complete, it will become a standalone coin.

Can I trade RisingCoin on CEX exchanges?

Yes, RisingCoin can be traded on both Dex and Cex exchanges when it is listed; this will provide users with multiple options for buying and selling the coin. Right now, RisingCoin is listed on Pancake Swap and can be traded.

What is the future of RisingCoin?

The future of RisingCoin is dependent on the success of its development roadmap and the adoption of its use cases. With a stable price, robust security features, and a dedicated development team, RisingCoin has the potential to become a popular cryptocurrency in the blockchain space.

Is Rising Coin listed yet?

Yes, it is first of all listed on a decentralized exchange on Pancake Swap. The team is working to see it listed on several exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, BitMart, and more for seamless trading and popularity.

How Many Rising Coin can I Mine a day?

You can mine up to 4 RSC per day; every 6 hours you mine, you get 1 coin. You get even more coins as your referral mine too.

Can I withdraw my mine RSC?

Yes, When you mine up to 1000 Risingcoin, you add your RSC wallet and withdraw it to any of your web 3 wallet.

What is Rising Coin Contract Address?

Rising Coin Contract Address: 0x48d278C2fe7D72c8BfD62c2f0d3415aAec4b7718 it is a BNB Smart Chain Network with 18 Decimal, and the coin symbol is RSC

Our Special Features

At Rising Coin, we pride ourselves on a distinctive feature that sets us apart – a commitment to community empowerment through sustainable rewards. Our unique approach goes beyond traditional mining incentives, creating an ecosystem where every participant plays a pivotal role in the token's success.

Mining & Staking

Experience stable and inclusive mining rewards, fostering community unity with accessible staking options for all participants.

AI-Driven Coin Price Prediction

Empower your decisions with our AI's in-depth data analysis, providing informed price predictions based on current and historical data.

Marketplace with Smart Contract Escrow

Seamlessly exchange digital products and services on our platform with trust and transparency, thanks to our smart contract escrow system.


Community Governance

Shape Rising Coin's future collectively through our community governance feature, ensuring an inclusive and democratic decision-making process.

Eco-Friendly Mining

Commitment to environmental responsibility with eco-friendly mining practices, minimizing the ecological footprint associated with cryptocurrency mining.

Educational Initiatives for Informed Participants

Beyond a token, Rising Coin serves as an educational platform, arming our community with knowledge about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized finance.


Mining RisingCoin is Easy and Fast, Click on Mine to Get Your Coin Now


Rising Coin is not just about mining free coins; we also offer the best cryptocurrency services to our miners and users. Get more out of crypto with Rising Coin.

Crypto Trading

Buy, sell, and exchange RisingCoin with other cryptocurrencies on our platform.


Enable users to stake their tokens for rewards or participate in DPoS governance.

Crypto Education

Offer resources, tutorials, and courses to educate users about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. check our blog

AI Crypto Price Prediction:

Empower your decisions with our AI's in-depth data analysis, providing informed price predictions based on current and historical data.

Eco-Friendly Mining

We offer free Mining that minimizes the ecological footprint associated with cryptocurrency mining.

24/7 Support service

Our dedicated team is available to assist you on 24/7 support service. send us mail on info@risingcoin.io or support@risingcoin.io

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What people says about us

A huge number of people trust us and here are the words of some of them. reaathetdghadt


"I appreciate Rising Coin's commitment to eco-friendly mining. As someone who cares about the environment, knowing that my mining activities have a low carbon footprint is a big plus."


"Using Rising Coin for everyday purchases is a breeze. I've bought everything from coffee to gadgets, and the merchants accepting RSC have made it super convenient. It's the future of payments!"


"Rising Coin's community is amazing. I referred a few friends, and the referral bonuses have been a pleasant surprise. It's fantastic to see your earnings grow while sharing the crypto love!"


"I've been in the crypto space for years, and Rising Coin truly stands out. The AI-driven price predictions are spot on, helping me make informed trading decisions. I'm amazed by the accuracy!"


"Rising Coin is a gem in the world of crypto. The ability to mine RSC every 6 hours and convert it effortlessly is a game-changer. I've seen my earnings grow like never before. Kudos, Rising Coin!"

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